Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today was the 2nd and last day of the National Federation of Republican Woman (NFRW) convention at the Palm Springs Convention Center ... these people are CRAZY!!! ... today the speakers spoke about "The Troops Need You" ... "Why Islamic Militarnts and Illegal Immigration Are More Dangerous Than Soviet Communism" (more on this in a second) ... and "How to Raise an American" ... the guy who gave the second speech, Jim Horn (who I can't find anything about on the internet ... he's listed as an "Middle East Expert" in the program), went on and on about how Islam is a cult, is evil and then said at the end of his speech ... "We have the A-bomb ... we ought to use it!" ... the 1800 women in the room jumped to their feet clapping and yelling ... first off, who still calls nuclear weapons A-bombs??? ... Islam a cult??? ... isn't christianity??? ... these republican women are so bloodthirsty!!! ... and they ended the convention by singing patriotic songs and that horrible Lee Greenwood song "Proud to be an American" ... I'm so glad these people are gone ... GOOD RIDDANCE!!!


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