Saturday, August 23, 2008

He Was Involved!!!

I get so pissed off when resmugnicans slag off on Al Gore ... before "An Inconvient Truth" came out they used to always spout, "Al Gore claims to have invented the internet ... he didn't" ... the July 2008 issue of Vanity Fair has a great article about the history of the internet ("How The Web Was Won") ... here's the blurb they have next to the picture of Al Gore:

Vice President Al Gore

He got a bum rap. Gore never claimed to have "invented the internet," though columists said otherwise and had sport with him anyway. Here's what Gore really did: throughout the 1980s, as a senator from Tennessee, he stood out as a highly visible, early proponent of networking. In 1991, Congress passed the High-Performance Computing Act, also known as "the Gore Act," which paved the way for a privatized, commercialized Internet that could thrive and evolve outside the government's hands - in other words: the Internet as we know it today.


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