Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vet's Day Parade!!!

I almost forgot to let you all know how the Palm Springs Veteran's Day Parade went on Sunday ... I marched with the local Veterans for Peace chapter ... I showed up an hour early and reported to where we were going meet ... there were only two guys there and I talked with them while we waited for other VFP people to show up ... I was getting worried around 15 minutes prior to the parade starting when one of the guys went off to see where everybody else was ... he found them in/or near a convertable that was going to carry the folks that couldn't walk the parade route ... there were so many people to meet that I've forgotten most of their names ... they had premade signs made up ... but I (along with some great help from The Kids!) had made my own sign:

I was the only VFP person with a homemade sign so I positioned myself in the center and near the front ... I held it high so that people on both sides of Palm Canyon Drive could see it ... I expected negative comments but got the opposite ... around 98% of the people lining the parade route were standing, clapping and shouting, "Bring 'em home!!!" ... I only saw 5 people who were shouting negative stuff at us (3 of them old white women ... sad) ... all in all a great experiance!!!


Blogger Yella said...

I for one am very proud of my lovey for speaking out about something he feels so strongly about! Keep it up loved one!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 1:41:00 PM  

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