Friday, October 31, 2008

Feline Drama!!!

On Tuesday morning I got up, made coffee and started to feed the cats ... I noticed that only Mifune had shown up to eat ... I went looking for Wasabi ... I found the sliding glass door AND screen in our bedroom wide open ... an accident by The Wife & The Boy the night before ... Wasabi was gone ... I did a quick search of the neighborhood right away ... nothing ... after dropping the kids off at school/preschool I came home and spent hours wandering the neighboorhood calling out to him ... later The Wife came home from work with a sign she made up and we attached a picture of our fur-child to it ... I went to Kinkos and made 100 copies of it to make sure everyone in this part of Palm Desert knew to look for Wasabi ... I spent most of Wednesday in bed with a migraine caused by the stress of losing that cat but in the evening we went out again and put up signs everywhere ... still no cat ... on Thursday going to work took my mind off of it a bit but the minute I got home I went into a funk 'cause I wanted my cat back ... at 3:30am this morning (Friday) the Lady Baby was crying for Mama ... The Wife got up to check on her and then ran back into the bedroom in a panic looking for her glasses and ran out the bedroom door saying she thought she heard Wasabi outside on the side of the house ... I heard her calling to Wasabi and a couple seconds later came back into the house holding that crazy boy!!! ... he was gone for 3 long days ... we have no idea where he was hanging out but he wasn't dirty except for his feet ... he had lost some weight and drank water like crazy ... he somehow had found his way back home ... I hope he enjoyed himself because that won't be happening again!!!

Now I have to go all over North Palm Desert taking down the "Lost Cat" signs.


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